Suber Pad Testimonials

Ros Bowen of Hordle

I wanted a pad to go under my Ansur Konklusion treeless saddle and this looked just the job. Most pads and numnahs simply are not designed to go under a treeless saddle but I thought the Suber pad looked as if it could go under anything. I bought one with the side panels (which is just cloth, granuals) because my thoroughbred is exceedingly active and I rather thought that pad would get shunted out backwards like everything else I have used. If I fasten things to the saddle, they still move, then they stop, then they ruck up, then they wb and then He gets uptight.

The Keifer padsdidn't move, but they did make diamond shaped patterns on him and the very firm ribbed centre line covering used to catch him at various places along his spine, because the Ansur has no gullet to pull these things up into. And Polypads just flew out of the backdoor (perhaps they are scared of high speeds). The Suber didn't budge. Even if I had just the pad without side flaps I don't think it would have done. The Ansur nestled down into the cork granules like a bird settling on its nest. His Orangeness (my horse) was perfectly happy with it, and it gave me a much better " feel " as to what was going on under there than any of the other pads I have tried under the saddle. It was almost like there was nothing there at all. I could feel all his back muscles, just like I could in the summer when he was so fat and bulgy I could use the saddle on its own, or just a cotton numnah (which still rucked and rubbed) and he was doing the same really nice work under there too. The best bit though, was when I took it off afterwards. NOT A MARK, not a hair out of place, no sweaty bits, no pressure marks, no "lines", or pretty patterns, no rucks or rills or ruffles or rubs and his back was as smooth and silky as if it was before I had tacked him up. I think it was the very first time ever that I didn't have t omassage him to get rid of the evidence. You simply would not have known he had been ridden at all ( we did a "normal" two hour high speed hack).

IMPRESSED, you bet I am. I think it's probably the first piece of horse kit that has done exactly what it claimed it would do.

Tasha Perry

Dear David,

I just wanted to let you know howwe are getting on with the Suber pad. I must admit when I first put the pad on Paz wasn't sure at all, you know how sensitive stallions are, once I managed to get it on it took 30 seconds for him to settle down.

I took him out and the difference was astonishing, I was stunned at the fact that he wasn't tired towards the end of a ride, which was happening when using a Polly Pad with chamois leather underneath.

The pad is washing up beautifully and has become even more supple, Paz loves the pad, I know this as he has decided to continue a hack last week rather than go home, we were out for 4 hours, he was not tired and I am completely certain that this is down to the pad , he is confortable, nothing is pinching or slipping. I have also used the pad on Coco, a 27 year young Arab mare, and she loves it too. I can not praise the pad enough, it is really fantastic.

Thank you so much again, I am sure that come spring when the mares come into season Paz will lose a bit of weight, however I am completely confident that I will still be ablr to ride him and not have to worry about the saddle slipping or pinching him as the pad will do the necessary a smaller girth though may be required!!

Kind regards,

Tasha Perry

H.M. Devon

I long advocated the "korrector" severe atrophy, but I have have to say that I feel the Suber pad is better in that it does not feel wibly wobly on a big mover. The Korrector can seem to exacerbate big movement for the rider but the Suber pad just seems to absorb it without losing feel.

C. Havland

Nice ride no screeming heebie jeebies, or bucks, or spins or nervous jogging. Did some good work, rode her for longer than normal because we felt like it. Last time I rode in this saddle she tried to turn herself inside out.

The best bit was when I took it all off and it didn't look like she had been wearing a saddle or anything at all. No pressure marks, no rub marks, no sweating under the saddle, nothing at all.

Very impressed.

WO Tim Mills, LCGI of Her Majesty’s Household Cavalry, Master Saddler. 

As Master Saddler, Tim Mills does not usually like pads or numnahs, but the SUBER Saddle Pad gets his unreserved approval. He writes:

“I have been involved with the {Suber} Pad for a number of years now, and I am amazed at the qualities of this product. I have had the Pad thermo-graphically tested, it has been ridden on horses with both normal and injured backs, with nothing but positive results.”

“It is a brilliant concept, it gets my unreserved professional endorsement.”

John Thelwall BHSI

Well known horseman, equestrian coach, lecturer and writer on equestrian affairs. After testing the Suber Saddle Pad for nine months, John Thelwall writes:

“Unlike other saddle pads it has retained its efficacy despite continued use, often being used on as many as eight different horses per day.”
{The Suber enabled the same saddle to be used on all these horse.}

“On a fit, sound horse, the pad improves the fitting and therefore the stability of the saddle, thus making all work performed more comfortable for horse and rider. The most amazing results, however have been experiences with older horses whose backs have started to show signs of wear and tear.”

In his letter to Ms Jo Ashley, of the BBC programme ‘Tomorrow’s World’, John Thelwall wrote about the Suber Saddle pad: 
“It was not until nine months ago that I considered that I have finally discovered a saddle pad that is of maximum value to both horse and rider. Because of the ‘beanbag’ effect, it has the ability to eliminate and discrepancies in the fit of the saddle to the horse. 
The improvement in the fit also gives a greater degree of stability, which adds greatly to the comfort of both horse and rider”.

“One of my pupils has an international event horse which always looked lean despite visits of the vets and physiotherapists. Since using the Suber Saddle Pad the horse has put on unbelievable condition, and his temperament, which was once almost impossible, is now at least manageable. Because the materials used are entirely natural, it does not cause any sweating and the cork in the Pad soaks up any perspiration that does occur. The cork also has the added advantage that no bacteria can live on it, this elimination the possibility of passing undesirable problems from one horse to the other.”

“Having discovered the existence of this Pad, I would not myself use, nor advise any of my pupils to use, any other Pad. I believe that it is the ultimate cushion between horse and rider and that both benefit greatly from its use.”

Mrs Rossie Theobals, BHSI, of Newton Hall Equitation Centre, Ipswich, writes:

“The {Suber} numnahs are a great success, so successful that I would like a repeat order please.” Mrs Theobald also says that Suber Saddle Pads are wonderful for horses with fly bites as they mould themselves to all lumps and contours. 

Kate Gregory, BHSI {SM}

Chief Instructoor at the Lower Farm Riding School, Lavendon, Buckinghamshire. 
Kate Gregory, an experienced and knowledgeable teacher writes:

“I have tried, in the past, every type of numnah I could get my hands on, but none of them were satisfactory for one reason or another and none of them had the hard wearing qualities of the Suber Saddle pad, the pad I now use and recommend to my pupils. Of its many advantages, there are two I would emphasise above the others – the first is its quite exceptional ability to absorb perspiration, and the second is the protection given to the horses back.”

“Back problems are becoming of increasing concert to horse riders and owners, despite all the money spent on vets and physiotherapists. In my experience, the perfect fit of the Suber, resulting in near ideal weight distribution, is the best we can do to protect our horses and give them a longer working life. 

Lorna Blackmur, BHSI of Leeds writes: 

“The horse, Kind, is an Irish thoroughbred, a lovely big horse, the saddle fits well, but the owner is a large lady so we need some protection from the horses back. We also need something to make the saddle stay in place, as other numnahs tend to encourage the saddle to slide back, forcing the poor rider to get off on several occasions to readjust the saddle {we have several good rides around us with steep hills}. This didn’t happen with your numnah {the Suber}, the saddle remained in place throughout the whole ride, steep hills included. My client also commented on the fact that her position was easier to maintain.”

The Mounted Police, say: 

"We have one old mare who goes well with the Suber Saddle Pad but is unrideable without it.”

Riding for the Disabled have praised the Suber Saddle pad highly. 

V.J., a very intelligent and experienced rider from Devon says:

“I did not believe that the Pad could stabalise the saddle until I tried it. But I was amazed. So well does it keep the saddle in place that I almost feel I could ride my horse without a girth.”

“My horse always had a dull, unenthusiastic temperament and was very slow and lethargic. Now he has the Suber Pad he is bright, alert and happy. Our friends have to jog to keep up with us. David, I cannot thank you enough. The Suber pad is brilliant brilliant BRILLIANT!!

E.J. an excellent dressage rider says:

“I have a shed full of other numnahs but they are all rubbish compared with yours. It {the Suber} holds the saddle in place and makes it fit perfectly, no matter how much the mare’s back changes shape. It is so comfortable, I could not ride without it.”

S.B. a very knowledgeable horseman says:

“The Suber Pad is the greatest equine innovation since the invention of the saddle”

V.Y. from South Africa says:

Dear David,

My daughter has been using the suberpad you sent to us last year most successfully on a fifteen year old thoroughbred with high, long withers.

The horse used to be very stiff in one leg and often lame , so much so that a vet recommended putting him down . R eplacing the previous rider s too-narrow saddle with a Freeform and your pad, as well as his steel shoes with rubber-soled trainers has enabled him to perform like a young horse again. Even the wasted muscles next to his withers have largely regenerated.

Thank you!

Julie Churchyard ESMT. CMT (Cert) IAAMT. MIPTI. IETA - UK

I am more than happy to recommend the Suber pad to many of my clients whose horses present with a sore back. Many times I have seen horses with ongoing back problems (sometimes quite severe muscular damage and atrophy) become instantly more comfortable with a suber pad to the point that they are able to continue to be ridden with the support that the suber pad gives while undergoing treatment.

E.W.J. Derbyshire

Thanks for the pad, workmanship superb as usual. I am so pleased that interest in your pad is growing so well and that more and more people are experiencing its benefit. I have never used anything else since I had my first one many years ago.

N.P. Dorset

Please send two more Suber Pads. I purchased one from you earlier in the year and I must say I am very pleased with it. It is strong and well made, which is important in a hunting yard, and I think it provides the best solutionto the hunter losing condition during the season.

A.T. Yorks

I've had a Suber for 2 weeks now and don't know how I survived before, it's brilliant. The above order is for a friend as she borrowed mine and also thought it was fantastic. Anyway, thanks again for making riding on a treeless saddle a pleasure not a nightmare.

Mrs D.

The mare goes so much better now even with the weight! The Suber Pad is wonderful.

N.E. Devon

The Suber Pad is great it makes such a difference!

J.M.C. Dublin

The horse had open sores on his back the size of your hand. We thought we would have to retire him. Then we got the Suber Pad. We were able to continue riding him 4 hours a day. He went perfectly and the sore healed completely. We now use it all the time. It is absolutely wonderful, the real McCoy!

Y.M. Sheffield

It's great it does exactly what it says on the tin. Please send another.

J.P. New Zealand

There is nothing else out there that does what your Suber does. It's just wonderful, you put one a tired horse and he becomes young again, striding out bright and happy.

S.B. Essex

I thought the mare was finished, we spent thousands on saddles but to no avail. She could hardly walk. Then we found your pad. It is brilliant, she goes beautifully now. Thank You. I will tell all my riding friends about the Suber.