Product Information

The SUBER Saddle Pad has been tested under the severest conditions imaginable, bordering on the cruel. Men weighing 20 stone (280 pounds) have ridden at the sitting trot for eight hours a day for weeks, with crude wooden saddles, yet the SUBER Pad protected the horse's backs perfectly, the trials were completed without any problems.

One thoroughbred mare has been ridden 25,000 miles using the SUBER with impeccable results. Close Contact saddle pad

has also been tested in many other ways. For example, the army used computerised thermographic techniques, which showed that the SUBER eliminated pressure points, no other saddle pad or numnah compared with it.

The SUBER Pad has been used in intense heat, it absorbs sweat absolutely superbly. The cork particles take up huge quantities of fluid yet remain resilient and hygienic.

By distributing the rider's weight more evenly, and by it soothing and comforting action the SUBER Pad enables the horse, the noblest of creatures, to carry the rider with greater ease and freedom. Horses love it, they go further and faster, and are more lively and responsive. Simply by using the SUBER, some horses with injured backs, unrideable with conventional methods, have become sound and fit again. Another advantage of the SUBER Pad is its extreme durability. The consensus of opinion is that the SUBER Pad is the finest available and that it is one of the most helpful equine innovations ever.

Three types available:

The close contact model, this is the most popular. The shape conforms to the weight-bearing area of the saddle. There are no side flaps, enabling the closest possible contact between horse and rider. 56 cm - 22 inches - long.

Western Militarysaddle pad

The side flap model, is the same as the close contact type but with the addition of generous side flaps - 56 cm - 22 inches - long .

The western and military models are larger and thicker, for use with very big saddles. Excellent for injured or delicate backs, long distances, heavy duty work, 62cm - 25 inches - long.