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Have you ever sat on a bean bag or a sack of grain, and marvelled how comfortable it felt as it moulded itself to your exact shape?

Would it not be a good idea if a horse's saddle could work on the same principle? Then it would always fit perfectly.

Well, that is what David Ahn, Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers, master farrier and saddle maker, has done, after 35 years of research and development.

When placed under the saddle, the SUBER Saddle Pad acts like a bean bag, the filling of granular cork of carefully selected size, flows to take up the precise shape of the horse's back, making the saddle fit perfectly. The rider's weight is distributed evenly and the pliability and mobility of the cork in the Saddle Pad allows movement of the horse's shoulders and spine which really helps and prevents saddle Sores. Construction of the SUBER Saddle Pad is such that the granules are retained in an ideal position.

Bot with Suber Pad
Suber Pad Diagram
Cross-section of saddle used in traditional way, showing areas of dangerously high pressure restricting blood supply.
Using the SUBER Pad the 'bean bag' effect spreads the load, reducing pressure and stabilising the saddle.

When the saddle is removed from a horse after using a SUBER Saddle Pad the upper surface of the Saddle Pad bears the imprint of the saddle, and the lower surface takes on the exact shape of the horse's back, like a wax impression. Even little bumps on the horse's skin such as fly bites, are catered for, the soft cork filing flows around them and then gently 'sets' under the pressure of the saddle.

A quick shake of the SUBER Pad to loosen the granules and it is ready to take the exact shape of the next horse.

The SUBER Pad is made of natural materials, no plastics.. It can be machine washed in plan warm water. No detergent is needed, absorbed sweat acts as a foaming agent. If necessary the SUBER can be used while still wet.

The tree from which the cork is obtained for the SUBER Saddle Pad is called 'Quercus Suber', and is not harmed by the harvesting of the cork, the whole process is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Suber Pad Side Flap ModelSo great is the accommodating ability of the SUBER Pad that the quality of fit of the saddle is no longer of prime importance. Unlike conventional numnahs, made of foam or felt with no flowing or correcting ability the cork in the SUBER moves to compensate for poor saddle fit and for variations in the shape of the back caused by changes in fitness or condition of the horse.

The SUBER also compensates for settling of the flocking of the saddle. The SUBER Pad lifts the saddle 15 to 18 mm, this improves the wither clearance.

The SUBER causes the saddle to 'hug' the horse's back so closely that the saddle is stabilised, it does not slip about. Breast plates and other devices that are sometimes used to prevent saddle slippage are no longer necessary.

The SUBER has been enthusiastically received by riders of all types. Cavalry, mounted police, show jumpers and dressage experts have praised it highly. It has been supplied to the Royal household. The SUBER is beautifully made by dedicated craftsmen.

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